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How To Leverage Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to Address Gaps in Kidney Care

Leverage RPM in kidney care to monitor physiologic data, track treatment adherence, and risk-stratify patients to mount more proactive therapeutic interventions.

Patient Perceptions of Remote Patient Monitoring

What is OpenRPM?

      What is OpenRPM? Dr. Erik E. Guzik, CTO, PatientOne   As part of our latest release of the PatientOne care management platform, we introduced a new component of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) that we refer to as OpenRPM.  What exactly is OpenRPM and how does it improve delivery of RPM services to patients?   OpenRPM covers three main and related areas of improvement in the provision of RPM: (1) the disease states and conditions supported by remote monitoring; (2) the pathways and devices PatientOne now integrates to support these disease states and conditions;  and (3) the types of health data obtained from these devices that can be shared with care teams for remote viewing and management to improve patient health outcomes. All three areas are based on a single objective at PatientOne–to expand access and use of RPM to patient conditions and medical devices that have so far been neglected in the RPM and home care space....Read More >

Introducing v3.0: The Rise of RPM+

    Introducing v3.0: The Rise of RPM+ Dr. Erik E. Guzik, Chief Technology Officer, PatientOne   We are thrilled to announce the release of PatientOne Version 3.0! This release represents the most significant update to the PatientOne RPM platform since the release of V2.5 in January 2020. Working closely with our health care partners for the past two years (including working through a global pandemic!), we have launched what we believe is the most advanced RPM solution on the market today. In fact, V3.0 offers such an upgrade to previous versions of RPM, we were forced to create a new name as part of our launch–we call it RPM+.   Key Updates in Version 3.0:   –Support for in-home thermographic imaging. Podiatric practices are now using our thermography solution to monitor diabetic foot ulcers and eliminate the need for future amputations. –Enhanced data integration with our wonderful partners at Redox and Dexcom. Physiologic and treatment plan data can now be sent seamlessly to all major EHRs....Read More >

Understanding Connected Health

Understanding Connected Health Hannah Syrenne, PatientOne   Digital innovation allows us to prioritize our time, maximize our efficiencies, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Nearly all of America has fully embraced tech, including its use as part of social networking and an integral component of interpersonal communication. Healthcare, too, is now witnessing the explosion of technology that better supports essential connections and communication between patients and their providers and care teams.  In short, technology-enabled care models are not the musings of futurists, but the expectation of our increasingly digitized society.  Connected Health is a healthcare delivery model that uses technology to allow physicians to provide their patients with seamless, highly customized care.   The concept of Connected Health is not new, as proprietary technologies seem to hit the market nearly every day. Rather, “Connected Health” serves as an umbrella term encompassing the myriad of mobile health (mHealth), telehealth, remote patient monitoring, wearable device tracking, and chronic care management application services available today....Read More >

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