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Swamped by COVID-19? We Can Help

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If you are like most of our friends at health departments, you and your teams are completely swamped by COVID-19 screening and tracking.

We want to help reduce the labor and administrative burden of COVID-19 monitoring with a platform that can decrease the overwhelming manual work health departments are experiencing right now.

PatientOne automates care management, streamlines communication  and provides a responsive dashboard of all patients being monitored.

PatientOne has developed specialized protocols to monitor patients’ symptoms and collect body temperature to aid in triage and remote monitoring of suspected COVID-19 cases.

Easy to implement. We can have you up and running in a couple of days.

Easy for patients to use. All they need is a cell phone and they will get daily reminders to provide screening responses.

Easy for you and your team. On one screen you can get a quick view of all the patients being monitored.  You can see who needs attention and with click of a button send a text.

How it works

Patients with suspected symptoms sign up online or with assistance at the local county public health department in each county. Each account is linked to a phone number registered to the patient. The platform sends a confirmation text message within minutes. This message contains instructions to sign up for a web application.
Interactive messages for education and data collection are sent every day:

  • Messages containing links to educational content approved by relevant government agencies on covid-19, prevention of spread, why and how to isolate/quarantine.
  • Notification to enter current symptoms and indicate if worsening or improving each day
  • Message providing information on where to buy thermometers, pulse oximeters (and masks if they are having symptoms)
  • Notification to record and enter body temperature twice a day
  • Optional locations functionality enabling individuals to update hospitals and caregivers about their isolation status.

Our Background

PatientOne is a telemedicine company focused on remote monitoring of patients. The software allows care teams to remotely track the health of their patients at home through automated, interactive messaging (SMS/text and email) and the remote capture of physiological data such as body temperature and pulse ox in the case of COVID-19. One of the most advanced remote monitoring platforms available, our platform enables patient screening from home and helps detect and prevent worsening of symptoms while directing patients to the care they need.

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