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Introducing v3.0: The Rise of RPM+



Introducing v3.0: The Rise of RPM+

Dr. Erik E. Guzik, Chief Technology Officer, PatientOne


We are thrilled to announce the release of PatientOne Version 3.0! This release represents the most significant update to the PatientOne RPM platform since the release of V2.5 in January 2020. Working closely with our health care partners for the past two years (including working through a global pandemic!), we have launched what we believe is the most advanced RPM solution on the market today. In fact, V3.0 offers such an upgrade to previous versions of RPM, we were forced to create a new name as part of our launch–we call it RPM+.


Key Updates in Version 3.0:


–Support for in-home thermographic imaging. Podiatric practices are now using our thermography solution to monitor diabetic foot ulcers and eliminate the need for future amputations.

–Enhanced data integration with our wonderful partners at Redox and Dexcom. Physiologic and treatment plan data can now be sent seamlessly to all major EHRs.

–Support for new types of patient input and data sharing, directly supporting the identification and management of key social determinants and social drivers of health. PatientOne is one of the only RPM solutions today to directly support the Diabetes Distress Scale for diabetes monitoring by endocrinology clinics.

–Enhanced support for team-based care. Practices and health care systems can define teams of care team members to monitor patients, and share patient data between care and treatment teams—even across different specialties, all within a HIPAA-compliant workspace.

–New support of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM). PatientOne now supports such uses as medication safety and adherence, pain management, physical therapy treatments–even cognitive behavioral therapy!

–New features such as Instant-Access Video (IAV) through the PatientOne app. Patients can now instantly access their care team members via video at the simple touch of a button within the PatientOne app! And of course all health-related video time is tracked and included automatically within the PatientOne RPM and RTM report and billing engines.

–Enhanced automated intelligence for monitoring key patient physiologic data. Cancer centers are now using PatientOne to intelligently track patient weight changes and automatically alert care teams when intervention is required.

–And much, much more—we did name this release RPM+, after all.


Interested in learning more about what the future of RPM looks like? Schedule a demo today with PatientOne founder and CTO, Dr. Erik Guzik: Schedule Now!

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