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OpenRPM™The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring

What is OpenRPM?

It’s the application of RPM to improve the lives of as many patients as possible with remote care.


How is OpenRPM different than traditional RPM?

(1) OpenRPM supports the monitoring of disease states and conditions currently neglected by traditional remote patient monitoring.

(2) OpenRPM provides pathways and integration with devices to support these disease states and conditions.

(3) OpenRPM collects health data from these devices that can be shared with care teams for remote viewing and management to improve patient health outcomes.

All three components of RPM are based on a single objective at PatientOne–to expand access and use of RPM to patient conditions and medical devices that have so far been neglected in the RPM and home care space.

Find out more about OpenRPM here: What is OpenRPM?