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Our Mission

PatientOne aims to approach primary care providers and specialists with a unique value proposition that leverages a three-pillared approach; people, process, and technology to address the current challenges in healthcare.

We are at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly integrating value-based care with the convenience of at-home services, ensuring healthcare providers are empowered to offer affordable, accessible, and equitable solutions that put patient well-being first. Leading with principles of health economics, our AI-powered platform enables healthcare providers to optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.

We envision a future where our technology not only enhances the quality of care but also ensures that every individual, regardless of their background, has equal access to the best healthcare possible. At PatientOne, we are dedicated to reshaping the healthcare landscape, making value-based care a reality for all.

The future of healthcare is not just promising. It's already here.

We understand the current crisis in healthcare: a fragmented system plagued by rising costs, inferior outcomes, provider burnout, and an influx of impersonal technology. We at PatientOne see it as an opportunity for change, especially in the context of value-based care models.

Our solution combines people, process, and technology, highlighting the importance of genuine human interactions between patients and providers. We emphasize the pivotal role of primary care and care at home as the constant touchpoint for patients from the comfort of their homes. We advance the crucial role of preventive services, care coordination, chronic care management, and social determinants of health.

We’re excited about emerging models of care that prioritize value over volume, and provide a comprehensive set of resources, including 24/7 remote patient monitoring, home visits via mobile units, and round-the-clock staff availability.

Cut costs. Multiply revenue. Improve outcomes.

Improve Patient Safety

No Cost after reimbursement

Improve Patient Satisfication

Care at Home

Support Care at Home and Aging in Place

What We Provide

Chronic Care Management

Get alerts when patients with hypertension, heart failure, or diabetes develop new or worsening symptoms while at home.

Surgeries and Procedures

Surgeries and Procedures
Automate specific pre-op instructions and guide your patients with tailored alerts during their recovery.

Special Devices (CPAP, Lymphedema Compression Devices, etc.)

Track use of prescribed devices, medical and rehab
equipment, with snapshots of relevant data automatically sent to the medical record.

Care at Home

Integrate your specialized medical device, support public health initiatives, and discover how you can deploy RPM at absolutely no cost (that's right, no cost)

Let's Change Healthcare Together.

Complete Connected Care

SaaS solution used and trusted by 100,000+ patients

Interactive notifications

Engaging gamified experience

Automated messaging and alerts

Appointment and adherence reminders

Account sharing with family and friends

Smart physiologic data

Advanced protocol tools

Integration with 400+ devices


The PatientOne portal was very helpful in communicating with medical providers about my procedure. It helped me feel like I was still connected to the Doctor and nurses and I could ask a question at any time. Great experience!

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz

The texting feature and the fact that we can personalize protocols for our center exclusively, has been very helpful.

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz

The level of flexibility and customization that we have been able to have is fantastic! We tailor our program to the specific wants and needs of our team and our patients.

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz

As someone who has issues with memory from both trauma and ADHD the PatientOne program was probably the most helpful medical software I have ever used. I honestly wish I had access to it in general for keeping track of my medical care.

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz


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Let's Change Healthcare Together.