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PatientOne for Care at Home

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PatientOne for Medicare Advantage

PatientOne improves preventive services by reminding patients to schedule and attend their annual wellness visits, screenings, immunizations, etc.

PatientOne improves medication adherence by reminding patients to take their medications as prescribed and tracking their adherence through barcode scanning or pill bottle sensors.

PatientOne improves care coordination by facilitating communication and collaboration between patients and their care teams through secure messaging, video calls, and alerts.

PatientOne improves chronic illness management by educating and motivating patients to manage their conditions through personalized content, gamification, and rewards.

PatientOne improves customer satisfaction by providing a user-friendly app that empowers patients to take charge of their health and wellness

Improve Patient Safety

No Cost after reimbursement

Improve Patient Satisfication

Care at Home


We are committed to enhancing people’s lives and empowering doctors and caregivers to provide better care. We develop software tools and solutions that improve care, increase patient safety, and lower costs. We call it OpenRPM. And it’s changing how healthcare is delivered to patients.

Free Tier for Value-Based Care Organizations

OpenRPM allows providers to choose the remote monitoring solution that best support their patients. Our free tier is designed for Value-Based Care Organizations to use the latest RPM technologies with patients at absolutely no cost (that's right, no cost). Contact us to see if your organization qualifies.

Licensing for Reimbursable RPM (as low as $3 per patient per month)

Our standard licensing model for hospitals and clinics that required integrated devices and seek insurance reimbursement. Our model is simple--we charge a single fee (as low $3 per eligible patient per month) for unlimited devices and data transfer.

RPMaaS: We monitor your patients using our health team.

For organizations that want to support better patient outcomes and lower costs, but do not have the staff to
oversee an internal RPM program, we offer RPM as a Service (RPMaaS)--we monitor patients and provide the reports you need for compliance and billing.

Chronic Care Management


The PatientOne portal was very helpful in communicating with medical providers about my procedure. It helped me feel like I was still connected to the Doctor and nurses and I could ask a question at any time. Great experience!

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz

The texting feature and the fact that we can personalize protocols for our center exclusively, has been very helpful.

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz

The level of flexibility and customization that we have been able to have is fantastic! We tailor our program to the specific wants and needs of our team and our patients.

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz

As someone who has issues with memory from both trauma and ADHD the PatientOne program was probably the most helpful medical software I have ever used. I honestly wish I had access to it in general for keeping track of my medical care.

Dr. John Smith Founder of xyz

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