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Surgery practices and hospitals benefit from automated preoperative protocols that educate patients remotely capture vitals and track progress postoperatively.

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Mark was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. He is prescribed a CPAP machine for daily use.


Practice Side

Patient Side

Nancy sets Mark up with an account and assigns him to a care plan linked to the CPAP machine of his choice

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Patients chart
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Mark registers his device and is given access to the vendor technical support team

Happy Face

Mark is excited to test out his device and is happy that instructions are provided to guide him every step of the way.


PatientOne automatically sends timely interactive notifications to track Mark’s CPAP use remotely

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Notifications Mobile Communication
Sending Message

Mark has a question about how his device is working.

Instant Messages Mobile Communication

And the practice keeps him on track.

And the practice keeps him on track.

Instant Messages Mobile Communication
Happy Face

Mark is excited about a humidifier to help manage dryness in his nose and throat.


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Data is shared from Mark new CPAP machine to his Primary Care Physician to monitor adherence to treatment.

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Your team has now spent more than 25 minutes digitally interacting with Mark. You are now able to bill his insurance company.

Automatically captured and added up.

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“I loved the constant contacts and reminders. I have a lot going on and it really helped me with important dates.”

Actual comment from a patient at Rocky Mountain Eye Center — Missoula, MT

“It helped me feel like I was still connected to the Doctor and nurses and I could ask a question at any time. Which I did.”

Actual comment from a patient at Five Valleys Urology – Missoula, MT

“The PatientOne portal was very helpful in communicating with medical providers about my procedure.”

Actual comment from a patient at Five Valleys Urology – Missoula, MT